Way Forward

The way forward

Our plans for upcoming conservation and fundraising

While the Trust, in conjunction with Kirklees Council has undertaken the rehabilitation of the cottages, bringing them up to the decent homes standard, there remains the restoration works to the listed gardens, the exterior of the cottages, including the roof and the Memorial Chapel.

The Trust will be seeking assistance from the public with fund raising activities and other groups interested in the historic heritage of Huddersfield as well as seeking financial assistance from the grant giving organisations.

It is estimated that a full restoration of the gardens and grounds as well as the external features of the cottages will cost £200,000.

Much of the restoration work is of a craft nature and will require specialist work. However, much could be done in terms of the gardens themselves by volunteers.  We propose that a group of gardeners is formed. The Gardeners of Roebuck would undertake with residents, under guidance the management and restoration of the horticultural parts of the gardens.

If you would like to assist in this work please email the Trustees.

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